Friday, January 14, 2011

Return of Frankenstein

So despite all of the progress in the past year, I fear it has stopped. It’s as though a few weeks ago my leg just decided to stop responding to bandaging and manual lymph drainage. No matter how much drainage I attempt, the darn thing wants to stay the same size. I know that I need new supplies but my knee cap is lost somewhere in a sea of rich protein fluid. It’s big. It aches. And it is seriously hindering clothing options. I actually pulled down my baggy jeans this morning. Those are the very same baggy jeans I wore during the 3 weeks of occupational therapy where I had to wrap my leg every day.

Yesterday, I was at the gym and got 1.5 miles into my workout when it seemed to just crap out on me. Well I wasn’t having it. I like exercising so I forced my leg to 3.5 miles with an elliptical/treadmill combo. Did that hurt? Yes. Did it probably make my leg more swollen? Yes, but I didn’t care.

I wrap it, result: swollen. I massage it, result: swollen. I do light exercise on the elliptical with no impact, result: swollen. I elevate it at night, result: swollen. I wear my compression stocking every day (new ones might I add), result: swollen. Seriously?! It’s not like I am going to stop managing it because I know that is just bottom of the barrel intelligence right there but come on, something has to get better.

I have just finished paying off the majority of my medical bills so I am dreading having to go back to my doctor and then probably back to more physical/occupational therapy and back to more bills, bills bills.

Some days I feel like my life consists of bills and a swollen leg and that’s about it. Argh. That’s all I have to say about that for now. Depressing isn’t it…