Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Insurance Issues

I am feeling stressed over my medical claims not being covered. Thousands upon thousands have been accumulated in medical bills. I really wish I did not have to pay any money to Athletico. I feel bitter that the physical therapist lied to me about her qualifications. Hundreds later she actually worsened my condition. There is a physical therapy board that I plan on writing to about the treatment (or lack thereof) I was given.

Then there are the thousands I spent on the doctor that misdiagnosed me and performed a pointless surgery.

I am feeling a little bitter about all this.

I wish I could have been diagnosed earlier, before the recession. I will never understand why it hit at this point in my life.

Today is not a good day but I will continue to try to keep my head up. And in the meantime, I will work on taking out some of my bitterness on Athletico and the physical therapist that took advantage of me at one of the hardest points in my life.

Lymphedema and Tiredness

Lately, it feels as though my leg is wearing me down and I cannot kick this tiredness. I don't know how to tire myself out like I used to with running. I imagine that the mix of less exercise, more stress and this medical condition make for a nasty combination.

I have noticed that even though there can be some pain and extra swelling accompanied with exercise, that will give me more energy.

Also, when I eat a large amount of fruits and vegetables, I do notice less swelling. The problem, sometimes I need more food than a massive fruit salad for dinner.

I am trying some supplements of Rutin and Bioflavinoids which contains Grape Seed Extract and Quercetin. These have not been confirmed via research to help patients with Lymphedema but I am willing to try it.

I am hoping I will figure out some effective combinations to help me feel less tired.

If you have any success stories, I am all ears. If you want to vent about how freakin' tired you are and how its a huge downer for your social life, I am all ears then too.