Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Insurance Issues

I am feeling stressed over my medical claims not being covered. Thousands upon thousands have been accumulated in medical bills. I really wish I did not have to pay any money to Athletico. I feel bitter that the physical therapist lied to me about her qualifications. Hundreds later she actually worsened my condition. There is a physical therapy board that I plan on writing to about the treatment (or lack thereof) I was given.

Then there are the thousands I spent on the doctor that misdiagnosed me and performed a pointless surgery.

I am feeling a little bitter about all this.

I wish I could have been diagnosed earlier, before the recession. I will never understand why it hit at this point in my life.

Today is not a good day but I will continue to try to keep my head up. And in the meantime, I will work on taking out some of my bitterness on Athletico and the physical therapist that took advantage of me at one of the hardest points in my life.


Tamar said...

I was diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema Type II of the lower left leg 6 years ago, though I have suffered with the condition since 1989. I still do not have any insurance that will cover MLD treatments. I know your situation well.

Lindsay Nichols said...

I'm sorry Tamar that you have had to deal with this for so long and have had such little help. How is your leg doing without the MLD treatment? Or do you get it anyway and endure the cost?