Friday, July 9, 2010

Vitamins and Exercise

One of the nice things about facebook is meeting people you would never normally meet. When I was diagnosed, I wanted to find others out there like me. Luckily, through facebook, I met so many amazing girls dealing with Lymphedema too. We started trading advice and info to one another about exercise, vitamins, clothing, etc.

One girl recommended I try Grape Seed Extract. I wanted to do some research first and found out that certain supplements like the grape seed extract may help those of us with lymphedema.These supplements are called bioflavinoids. There are many out there. I am currently taking Rutin. I have also ready that Butcher's Broom works too. Here is some info:

The FDA has not confirmed whether this stuff works and it may not work in some or it may be in my head, lol. Since I have started taking Rutin, I have also started walking more and weight lifting so it could be the exercise that has improved my leg swelling but it has improved. I thought it was worth a try and thought I would share this information.

I also have found a wonderful machine for my lymphedema. Its the elliptical machine. It is great because there is absolutely no impact on my legs and hips. It feels like running!

It could be the wrapping but in the last few weeks since I have increased my exercise (and bit my lip and carried on when it felt painful), my leg has decreased in pain and swelling. I actually went to a pool last weekend and was walking around in my bathing suit because I was not embarrassed by my leg.

If you feel like you can, try to increase your exercise a little and you will notice a difference I think. If you try too much too fast, it will be painful and your leg will get swollen. Try starting with a one mile walk and then increase it gradually.


Lauren Nassi said...

awesome post Lindsay. Love reading when you are feeling good and inspiring others to do the same.

Lourienne Fedon said...

It's not all in your head girl! It totally makes sense! To take care of your lymphedema you need to start from the inside out! Help clear out all the toxins from your body that way everything flows better and your lymph nodes have less to filter out! Just add exercise and we can have normal lives again! It makes me really happy that you took some advice from me and now you are doing better! Your blog can help out so many people! Keep up the good work! :)

-Lourienne Fedon

Anonymous said...

I have lymphedema in my trunk, face, neck, and right arm. I am wondering nearly 5 years after posting about the possible benefits of grape seed extract, what your thoughts are today? I am considering using it but really can't find any "hard" evidence it helps. I'm curious to see what luck you had if any, taking it. Thanks!!!

Lindsay said...

Unfortunately, I tried Rutin for a period of time and found no impact on my lymphedema. I think the best way to manage it is through a healthy diet, exercise and caring for it through wrapping and wearing compression stockings. I am so sorry to hear that you have this throughout much of your upper body. What ways do you manage Lymphedema and how long have you had it? Feel free to reach out to me at my email address: if you ever need a chat.