Friday, February 12, 2010

First Fashion Post!

So my fashionable wardrobe seriously declined as my leg became more swollen. I had to say goodbye to shorts, skirts, skinny jeans, my three inch heels...

The intensive period of therapy which consists of wearing the bandages for 23 hours a day caused some freak outs. I had to rummage through my clothes to find a baggy pair of jeans and shoes that fit my bandaged foot. I had some great old vans laying around which fit perfectly. I did, however, feel that I was staring at a 16 years old version of myself in the skater girl phase...

The intensive period only lasted three weeks and then I was back to my compression stockings during the day again. I knew during that time that I was going to have to work on my self esteem and focus not on my abnormalities but what I do have. The more I try to find clothing that suits my leg rather than having my leg fit into fashionable clothing trends, the better off I have been. To be honest, I think I have looked my best as of recent because I am conscious of the comfort of my leg and I have more confidence in my features that do not revolve around my leg.

I have started a system for deciding on my outfits. I am one of those uber anal list makers. I have a list for everything...So I decided I would make a list of possible clothing choices for my date with my boyfriend and drinks with friends after. I made two columns, one for if my leg is having a good day and one for a bad leg day. That way when I got home and couldn't get my skinny jeans on because my leg is too swollen, I would still have another outfit to throw on. This actually works with my self esteem issues because if I have a cute backup outfit that allows for my leg swelling, I don't give up and decide to hide in my apartment.

My best advice is to make yourself feel good about what you are wearing. Just because we have lymphedema doesn't mean we have to put a sign on that says freak. If your leg is swollen, opt for a cute top and wide trouser pants with flats.

More posts to come about possible fashion ideas.

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