Friday, August 19, 2011

Workaholic = More Pain in my Leg

My job has been calling for longer hours than I am used to. That means less time for exercise, sleep and more time sitting for long periods of time. Luckily it is Friday and work has calmed down for now. But by now, my leg and hip (and my back) are in quite a bit of pain and more swollen than usual. I tend to have an issue sitting still for long periods of time which is good for Lymphedema but this week of sitting for extended periods has set me back with my leg.

I think at times when stress and work load is high, it is good to stand up for periods and take a break from sitting. Rather than emailing a coworker, get up and go talk to them or stand next to your desk for a bit.

Also, that thing you have your butt on for long periods of time? Your chair...matters. I have been working from home and so sitting on a wooden stool (kitchen table) working 12 hour days and that is part of the reason my leg is more swollen and in pain. I need to invest in a desk and a good work chair for when I work from home.

So, even though life gets busy, there are always little ways to keep your Lymphedema in check. I will hopefully do better myself with that.

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