Thursday, September 15, 2011

Resource Info on Lymphedema and Exercise

I found a great resource for info on Lymphedema which talks about how specific and individualized exercise should be for those with Lymphedema. Please be sure to check it out!


Anonymous said...

I found your page just looking up information on coping with Lymphedema. Your page reflects a lot of the emotional rollercoaster rides I’ve been on since i was diagnosed @ 21. (Now 38). Thank you so much for the link to the exercise page it was very helpful. I recently lost about 40lbs but the lymphedema has started acting up so bad that it has become a nightmare just to think about exercising. But as we know maintaining a healthy weight is very important to managing the lymphedema. So with 20lbs to go, keeping my spirits up is important.
So my lymphedema pump, wrapping bandages and the horrible compressions stockings are my best friends. Thank you again for the info. Keep your spirits up :-). I will continue to follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

I found out I had lymphedema about 1 year ago. I am now 62 years old. I think I got it after a hip replacement. I am so furstrated. I had it under control for 6 months but it is acting up again. I just don't havt the energy to pump, wrap, use the compressions.

When it started my orthoepedic doctor or family doctor could not diagnose it. It took a back doctor and vascular practioner.

I wonder if I would have a lawsuit against the doctor. I know that lymphedema is something you can get with surgery but I am more distrubed that 8 weeks after the surgery I went to the surgery with swelling and pain in groin which he said come back in 6 months. Then he just dismissed me.

Somtimes I just want to give up. I'm so afraid that I am going to get huge (I already have a weight problem). I just want to vent. I'm sorry.

Lindsay Nichols said...

I wanted to comment on both of your posts. I apologize for the serious delay in following up!

To Anonymous who posted on September 24, 2011: I am so proud of you for working so hard to lose weight. It is incredibly hard to maintain an aggressive exercise plan with Lymphedema but you have already lost 40 lbs. so that is fantastic. Sometimes my weight fluctuates in a 5-8 lbs. range and I notice that difference in my leg immensely so maintaining weight and staying active in addition to wrapping and wearing compression stockings is vital for managing Lymphedema.

To Anonymous who posted on November 6, 2011: I am so sorry to hear about how much of a struggle you have had with Lymphedema. Sometimes Lymphedema just pisses you off and it is okay to vent. It does take too long to get diagnosed and it is baffling to me how so few doctors are equipped with the knowledge to diagnose and treat. It is also a struggle to have the energy to manage the condition. Lately, I have been working 12, 13, 14, 15 + hour days and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is wrap my leg. The problem is that it will quickly get out of control and require more time and energy when I let it go. That’s what keeps me dealing with it every day and managing it because I will be worse off if I don’t. I think all we can do is try to take care of it as best as possible and sometimes, it’s going to be a major strain to have the energy to deal with it. I wish you the best and feel free to vent to me any time. We can also exchange email addresses if you would like to talk more.

Akari said...


I am a lymphedema therapist practicing in Toronto, Canada, and came across your blog as I was looking more of the voices from people with lymphedema.

I am wondering if I could link your blog on my website By doing this, I believe that more people with lymphedema and lymphedema therapists could connect and share what they are going through, etc...

Thank you, and take care!

Lindsay Nichols said...

Hi Akari,

Yes, you can link my blog to your site. I think the more awareness that we create about the condition, the more knowledge we circulate and hope to some day see more advanced research and treatment options for the condition. Thank you for your support!

Akari said...

Hi Lindsay

I set the link, thank you and take care!