Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Insurance Woes

After being with United Health Care Student Resources for two years and receiving reimbursement for numerous compression stockings, I received a letter yesterday stating that these payments were made in error. That is, the several individuals I spoke with, including supervisors, either lied that I had a $2,000 coverage amount for compression hosiery or they are all stupid. Either way, this reflects incredibly poorly on United Health Care and their sub part, Student Resources. I plan on posting their letter to me and my response to their letter. I also plan on raising some serious hell. This is disgusting that a medically required item, such as a compression stocking, is not covered under this policy.

I am planning a full on attack. I am going to write a formal complaint to United Health Care. I also plan on writing a letter of complaint to the Attorney General Lisa Madigan. In addition, the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) and The Office of Consumer Health Insurance of Illinois will also be hearing from me!

I will also forward all of these letters of complaints to Loyola University where I went to school and which was a university health plan.

I would also like to stress to the Lymphedema community that United Health Care is not friendly to those of us who have been diagnosed. I have had refusal of payment on a number of claims that should have been covered. Their company's practices are dishonest and corrupt. If you are diagnosed with Lymphedema, you will be forced to pay more out of pocket than the policy or customer service department states. The policy is overly general and leaves too much room for limitations and denials.

If you have any information on who else I should contact or any other information that may help with this situation, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

Yup. I'm having the same types of problems with them. Not only that, but they make information very difficult to obtain. Shame on you United Healthcare Student division!