Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer heat and exercise

I’ve been jogging and walking outside a lot this summer because well, it’s the summer and soon it will be abnormally cold because I live in Chicago. The last several years, I avoided exercising in the summer outside because of the heat and my leg. I overcame my fear of ‘what will people think’ and wear only stretch capris now. Before, I was always wearing these long, heavy cotton black pants. My world of exercise opened up when I started wearing capris. For one, it is lighter and less hot and two, it is just so much easier to move in them. I don’t know if people stare at my leg when I’m jogging past them but it doesn’t really matter because I’m out there for me, not them. I have always found very affordable pairs at Marshalls and Forever 21. Yes, I still shop at Forever 21 and I am 30 years old. Their tank tops, workout pants and workout tanks are fantastic and better than anything, they’re cheap! Not to mention, nearly all of the pants have a pocket for your phone or I pod. I also look more stylish and it’s fun to get a new workout outfit. Something about it makes you more excited to get out there and jog or walk. If you find yourself having a hard time in the summer heat but want to exercise, try capris. Just remember when you get self-conscious who you’re working out for and it won’t matter if you think someone is looking at your compression stockings.

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